Window and Wall Graphics

Contra Vision Window Graphics

Contra-Vision or perforated window film is a clever way to combine advertising with privacy. It works by

allowing normal looking advertising from the outside but on the inside the exterior looks the same – as if

one was looking through normal glass. So effectively this has a one way mirror effect.

Etched Vinyl

This process gives a frosted look which is particularly suited to pub and cafe exteriors. It allows light to

pass through whilst adding privacy to the interior – ideal where security is an issue.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are a simple and versatile way to attract attention to your store or business premises.

As well as helping to gain attention, window graphics can convey essential information about your business such as opening hours, the announcement of a sale, and can deliver marketing and pricing


Wall Graphics

We provide high quality wall design, printing and installation services. Our wall graphic printing services

cover a wide range of applications including office wall art, decals, wallpapers and lettering. Wall

graphics are produced in exterior and interior grades, and are available in a large selection of types to suit

all applications. Printed wall graphics are preferable to painted surfaces as vibrant photo quality images

can be created, applied and removed with ease. They are a hassle free alternative to traditional wall

displays, with no need for fixing or frames. Our wall graphics are printed in high resolution on premium

quality four to seven year vinyl with a matt laminate for further protection.

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