3D Letters

We can design, manufacture and install all types of 3D lettering, shapes and logos. 3D characters stand

out from their attached fascia to help attract more attention. They are created using a computer controlled

routing machine. Using this process, we can create any custom required signage. They are suitable for

both interior and exterior signage.

Aluminium Panel Signs

Also referred to as “Dibond” this is a popular choice for many businesses thanks to it’s durability and

excellent quality. It is an aluminium composite, combining two pre-painted aluminium sheets

sandwiched around a core made of solid polyethylene. These are ideal for almost any business and will

last many years without distortion or deterioration.

PVC Palfoam

PVC Palform is a lightweight and cost efficient product with characteristics that include high chemical

resistance and is well suited to fabrication. It is regularly used for interior signage as it is readily and

simply hung on a wall using double sided tape and without the need for drilling.

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