3D Letters

We design, manufacture & instal all types of 3d lettering, shapes and logos. 3d letters are letters that stand off their fascia,

or seem to be in releif from their backing. These letters are manufactured on a flat bed computer controlled routing machine. Using this process we can also create hard stencils & engrave plastics. Digital Printing or Lighting can be incorpoarted with these letters to enhance your image. Routered letters are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications

Aluminium Panel Signs

Aluminium Panel – 3mm standard white or brushed silver surface material, one of the most popular materials used for signage.

Standard panel is usually fully cover with printed advertisement and brushed silver surface panels are usually made by adding cut out logo or text on it,

leaving nice brushed silver surface as background.

PVC Palfoam

PVC Palfoam – light weight flat foamed PVC material, which is covered with printed advertisement and can also be cut in custom shape if needed. It is usually used for indoor advertisement as it is easy to put it on the wall simply with double sided tape.

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